Client: Marc & Jane Beasley

Size:  1405 Square Feet 


Type:  Kitchen / Bath Addition
& Renovation



The original building is a modest 1920s center-hall colonial revival house, not unlike others in the area, plus a small detached garage. Sometime in the last 25 years, a connector space was installed between the house and the garage, providing a new side entry, storage and laundry spaces.

The new entry serves 100% of the comings and goings while the original center-hall entry is unused. 

This situation set up the main issue with the house, namely that the main living space was remote and only accessible by going through the kitchen and then taking a few turns down back corridors. As a result guests never left the kitchen, which made it difficult to prepare meals and the living room never got used.

A solution was eventually arrived at whereby a new kitchen volume would be built extending the existing footprint towards the open rear yard. This freed up the circulation space to provide a direct route from the real entry, through a new opening and directly into the living room.

At the same time, all the entry storage and laundry facilities were reorganized into a line against the garage wall, enabling a new window-wall from the entry to the rear yard. New built-In seating provided an kitchen eat-in space as well as a place to storage and put on shoes at the entry.

It was recognized that the existing dining room was both too small for real gatherings and hardly ever used. The new circulation enabled the dining room to increase in size and was outfitted with 2 work stations, enabling the kids to be near their parents while doing their homework. The new kitchen volume allowed for the upstairs bathroom to increase in size.

A new rear yard deck is better engaged with the footprint of the house through positive outdoor space and a better transition to the rear yard itself. 

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