The kitchen in this 1890s house in Roslindale, MA had not been upgraded since the 1950s. At the same time, the kitchen was the single space in the house closest to the rear yard. Several other desired improvements (upgrading the wall insulation, floor insulation, fixing the old rear stairs, improving a ground floor bathroom) along with limited funds meant that we approached the project first by doing a master-plan so that improvements could be done over time, as funding allowed.

A key objective became leveraging the location of the kitchen to help the house reconnect to it’s rear yard. In anticipation of a future new deck, the old vestibule was opened up to the kitchen and a new exterior, glazed door was installed.

The existing kitchen walls were stripped back to the stud-work and the cavities filled with new insulation.

The approach to the cabinetry was to use an inexpensive Ikea system but to customize it with 3/4” panels that wrap the cabinets and allow them to appear more like built-In furniture. This wrapping was also used as a backdrop for a magnetic spice jar system as well as an armature for custom wine- racks and blackboard drawings surfaces.

The countertops were zoned for wet and dry areas, the dry area being Ikea butcherblock to save on cost.

There was just enough room to create a new eating booth for the kids, which allowed an existing window to remain.

New electric, lighting and flooring upgraded complete the rest of the improvements. 

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